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About Wenefer

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Once a quiet follower, now a seeker on a journey of enlightenment. I've found a deeper connection to the divine, feeling closer to God than ever. Though I cherish religious traditions, my path has broadened my understanding of spirituality. I lean more toward being spiritual than just religious, embracing Christian metaphysical principles. It's about tapping into the divine energy and embracing our spiritual beliefs and values. This journey has enriched my life, leading to self-discovery and a profound connection to something greater.

Our viewpoint is shaped by the experiences we have and the spiritual growth we have. As time has progressed, I have realized that most of the beliefs held by Christians are similar to those of Spiritual metaphysics. Transitioning from merely carrying Christian ideas to adopting a Christian metaphysical perspective felt like an awakening. The phrase "I was blind once, but now I see" is a good example.

Spiritual metaphysics has shown me how to embrace self-love and release judgmental religious ideas.  This shift brought balance, harmony, and equality into my life.

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