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Despite enduring divorce, the loss of parents and siblings, and partial vision loss, Wenefer's journey faced an unimaginable tragedy with the passing of her son, Frank, at fifteen, due to cancer. In the midst of her adversities, she discovered hope, strength, guidance, and assurance through the wisdom and belief in God's word.


"A-Z: Come To Myself: A Shift in Consciousness," the second book of her A-Z series, the author introduces the acronym "BETTER" (Begin Experiencing The Transforming Energy Remedy) from a Christian metaphysical perspective. Through the stories shared, readers unlock inner strength and authenticity, undergoing a transformative shift in consciousness. Always remember, in God's light, we discover the power to embrace our true selves and journey towards a BETTER today,

"A-Z: My Jesus Welcomed Encounter, When Divine Timing Made Her Presence Known," Wenefer shares intimate, real-life stories alphabetically. She narrates a collection of personal stories in which something, someone, or the circumstances worked together for her good, creating a spiritual rendezvous.

These short, heartwarming, real-life stories and anecdotes aim to evoke emotions, provide encouragement, and offer insights into human experiences, making this book a popular choice for anyone seeking motivation or a touch of inspiration in their lives.

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